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Cable Accessories

Cable Accessories
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BRAND-REX LC Connector,Multimode,Duplex [FOCLCEPMM001]

BRAND-REX LC Connector,Multimode,Duplex [FOCLCEPMM001]..

Rp 141,900

BRAND-REX LC Connector,Singlemode,Duplex [FOCLCEPSM001]

BRAND-REX LC Connector,Singlemode,Duplex [FOCLCEPSM001]..

Rp 150,700

BRAND-REX SC Adaptor,Multimode, Duplex [BHCDCMM001]

BRAND-REX SC Adaptor,Multimode, Duplex [BHCDCMM001]..

Rp 101,200

BRAND-REX SC Connector,Multimode, Duplex [FOCDCEPMM001]

BRAND-REX SC Connector,Multimode, Duplex [FOCDCEPMM001]..

Rp 104,500

BRAND-REX SC Connector,Singlemode, Duplex [FOCDCEPSM001]

BRAND-REX SC Connector,Singlemode, Duplex [FOCDCEPSM001]..

Rp 119,900

BRAND-REX ST Adaptor,Multimode, Simplex [BHCSTMM001]

BRAND-REX ST Adaptor,Multimode, Simplex [BHCSTMM001]..

Rp 41,800

BRAND-REX ST Adaptor,Singlemode, Simplex [BHCSTSM001]

BRAND-REX ST Adaptor,Singlemode, Simplex [BHCSTSM001]..

Rp 51,700

BRAND-REX ST Connector,Multimode, Simplex [FOCSTEPMM001]

BRAND-REX ST Connector,Multimode, Simplex [FOCSTEPMM001]..

Rp 52,800